Cremation Services

Every day, we hear stories about how people are struggling to find meaningful ways to honor a loved one who has been cremated. Somehow they think that cremation means there can be no remembrance service, or commemorative event – and that’s simply not true.  There are three basic cremation service choices:

Simple cremation
This service includes:

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home
  • Arrangement conference with family to obtain information necessary to secure death certificates, cremation permit and assistance in preparing and submitting obituary to newspaper(s) if
  • The cremation of the deceased
  • Placing the cremated remains in a selected urn
  • Giving next of kin or designated member of the family the urn containing the cremated remains

Merchandise not included

Cremation with Memorial Service
This service includes:

  • Everything in the Simple Cremation Service above, plus
  • Assistance in planning and coordinating a public or private Celebration of Life Service
  • Securing clergy or other person to lead the service
  • Preparation of a Life Tribute Video DVD to be shown during the service
  • Assistance in securing musicians or pre-recorded music
  •  Receiving and displaying floral tributes
  • Greeting and assisting guests
  • Service direction

Merchandise not included
Viewing not included, but available upon request for an additional charge

3.  Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation
This service includes:

  • Everything in the Cremation with Memorial service above, plus
  • Embalming, care and preparation of the deceased for public viewing
  • Public viewing (Includes Recitation of the Rosary for Catholic families)
  • Use of the Norwood Cremation Casket

No other merchandise included

What is a Celebration of Life Service?

A cremation Celebration of Life service simply sets aside time to celebrate the personality and accomplishments of someone you loved. And, it gives comfort and support to those left behind. It can take place prior to the cremation, or afterwards. It can also be part of a scattering ceremony.